Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grow With Your Girl Staples

You know how important it is for us mom's to have certain staple clothing items that we build our wardrobe around. A great pair of jeans, those comfy khakis, the perfect cardigan. Take a few great pieces and pair them with different tops or bottoms and our wardrobe instantly stretches. I'm all for that!

The same thing can be done for your girly girl at Livi Lu Originals. Our most popular item, the Boutique Bottoms, are a perfect example! Pair these with a sweater, a t-shirt, a blouse....the combination are endless. And don't forget that these are Grow With Your Girl pants. They will last you a full year! The elastic waist stretches for growth around the middle. As your girl grows taller they become capri pants!

Another staple is the Peasant Dress. Throw it on in the Summer with a pair of sandals or flip flops. Easy peasy! As the weather gets cooler, just add a sweater. Cooler still, add a pair of leggings, yoga pants or jeans. Add a long sleeved t-shirt or turtleneck for a trendy look. As your little one grows, the "dress" becomes a "top." Another Grow With Your Girl item!

We all love saving money and buying a Grow With Your Girl item from Livi Lu Originals is a fun way to save!

The following items are Grow With Your Girl items:
Boutique Bottoms
Peasant Dress
Milkmaid Frock
Knotted Sundress
Monogram Fun Set

Monday, October 19, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again!

I have to say that taking the Summer off was just what I needed! And more importantly, it was what my family needed! Everyone has been so supportive and I really appreciate it. It was great hearing from old and potentially new customers asking when I was going to list something else! Yes, it's nice to be loved! :)

I'm going to add a few new items for Fall and will probably slow down again in a couple of months. Happy Shopping Everyone!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Slowing Down A Bit

I will be slowing down for a while....with the boutique that is....not with life! Spring is so incredibly busy for us. We have two boys playing on 3 baseball teams and have practice or a game 7 days a week. I also do a lot of volunteering at the elementary school and this is our busiest time of the year. Plus, Olivia is just itching to spend more time outside playing! So, I had to make a choice. Dinner and clean laundry or keep sewing. My family voted for the food! :)

I will still take orders but I will not be adding new items for a while. When I do, though, I will send out a newsletter to let you know. Be sure to sign up on the home page if you would like to be included.

Happy Spring Everyone!

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Great Beginning!

Wow! I am just blown away by the response to the new site design! I've received many comments and emails with such sweet compliments. It's been a big boost for sales too!

My husband did not think the boutique needed a makeover. He just couldn't see spending the money when what people were really looking at were the clothes. Men. They just don't get it. The packaging is every bit as important as what's inside, right? He's eating his words now Hee Hee! :)

So, thank you everyone for your kindness and your support!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our New Look!

I'm SO excited about the new look of the boutique! I've been wanting to take Livi Lu Originals to the "next level" and we are well on our way.

I hope you will take a little time and check out the new site. I even added a little bit of info about myself. I decided to do this after I got an email from a customer who said "I'm finally glad to know your name!" I love getting to know all of you through your blogs and your emails and I feel a personal connection each time I make something for your child. So, I want you to know me too! :)

I like having a separate blog so I can write about my thoughts for the boutique. Here you will find out about upcoming items, changes or possibly any meaningless idea floating around in my head! Please feel free to leave comments here. I would LOVE to hear from you...even if you aren't a customer yet.

Now, I thought you might like to see what happens at the END of a photo shoot with Olivia. I know I won't be getting any more poses when she starts doing things like this: